Knit Care

General Care

The ongoing general care for your garment will give it longevity for you to enjoy! Keep a natural lavender spray to prevent moths during storage, but also to keep your garment smelling lovely. Wool has self-cleaning properties and thus doesn't need to be washed much at all!

The Pilling

All woolly Lil' Knits garments are made from pure Peruvian Highland wool. This wool is beautifully soft, due to its fine and short fibers, which collect on the surface of garments as a result of friction. This is also known as pilling.

To care for your garment, regularly comb it with a wool comb or de-piller to maintain its appearance. If you're really terrified of creating more friction, use a de-piller.

The Washing

Washing will accelerate pilling so should be done minimally. As your garment is outerwear, it shouldn't require much washing anyway. However, in the case that there's a spillage or you would like to generally wash your garment, do so in water no warmer than 30 degrees Celsius. Use a gentle soap (there is always the option to use a wool soap designed for delicate woolen garments), and handwash the garment by gently agitating the water around the garment. Once rinsed, lay your garment on a towel and roll to dry. Do not ring or squeeze your garment. After rolling, lay the garment flat on the towel to dry, flipping as necessary.